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About us

Yourfuture is a voluntary cultural association of young professionals and students who believe in solidarity and equity and work towards the promotion of such values in the society.

Our action is addressed mainly to the younger generations in order to facilitate their engagement with the institutional world.

We organise programmes, events and activities that intend to support young people in developing those multi faceted skills required for a full participation in social life.

Our logo implying the two meanings of “your future” and “you are future” uses the comic strips balloon to suggest the idea of debate, cultural exchange, creativity and passion.

The ideas behind Yourfuture are born in universities and secondary schools by members of the Association, supporters or students determined to build their own future.

Mission & Vision

Yourfuture works to promote awareness, cohesion, new relationships, participation and involvement among its members and young people in general.

Our vision is a society based on cooperation, sense of freedom and respect for others; a kind of society that empowers everybody to create, to dream, to hope and to act.

Our mission is to foster an active participation of youths in the debate on the future of our society, along with more experienced figures, also as a mean to develop individual professional or personal relationships and skills.

Join us

If you are interested in our association or want to have more information about how to become a member please email us at the email address below.


International Cultural Association “Yourfuture”

Via Federico Cesi 44 – 00193 Rome – Italy

Pierangelo Cacciotti
Tel. (+39) 063213956
Fax (+39) 063210995

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